Introducing Kollider Instant Free Trades

Free trades allow anyone to try out a trade on Kollider, completely free.

Hey, everyone!

Today we’re excited to announce a new feature we’ve been working on— we’re calling them Instant Free Trades.

Instant free trades are a new tool we’ve developed to allow anyone to try out a trade on Kollider, completely free. We supply the sats and the position. You claim it and get access to it in your wallet.

Here’s how it works.

Instant free trades actually take a Kollider position— some amount of money going long or short bitcoin, with some degree of leverage— and embed that trade into a QR code for anyone to claim.

Anyone can then scan that QR code with a LNURL-auth compatible mobile wallet and claim the trade for themselves.

Once they do that, they simply have to login to Kollider and they’ll see the position in their account. These are real positions on the Kollider exchange, with real sats (supplied by us). Once the user claims the trade they're in full control of the position.

Each QR code can only be used one time, and the claim only works with new accounts. In other words, if you’ve already used that wallet to create an account on Kollider, you won’t be able to claim the trade. If you’re brand new to the platform, you will. Each QR code contains only one trade, so only the first person to scan the code and login will be able to claim it. Don’t worry though, we’ll be putting these out daily!

If you want to claim an instant free trade over the next few weeks, follow us on Twitter— we’ll be sharing them over there!

Here’s how to claim.

Step 1: Scan the QR Code with Your Mobile Wallet

Take any LNURL-auth enabled mobile wallet and scan the QR code listed in the infographic.

You’ll be asked to sign a simple message to authenticate with Kollider.

Step 2: Login to Kollider Using that Same Wallet

Next, visit, and login using that same mobile wallet.

Simply hit Login in the top right corner, agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, and click Lightning Sign In, and then scan the QR code with your wallet.  

Step 3: Claim Your Trade

Now you've officially claimed your trade. Scroll to "open positions" at the bottom of the page, and you'll see your position.

Now, you can decide what to do with it!

Got questions or feedback? Reach out to us on Twitter or hop in our Telegram chat!