Stacking Sats with Kollider Karma

Stacking Sats with Kollider Karma

Today we're super excited to share a big update we've made to the Kollider Exchange platform– reward sharing! Users of the platform will now be paid out daily in sats based on their on-platform activity.

We're excited to introduce this new way for users of Kollider Exchange to stack sats. Every day, a portion of the platform's revenue will be funneled into the rewards pool. At the end of the day, users will be paid out from that pool based on the amount of Kollider Karma they have.

Kollider Karma is a rewards point system that’s native to Kollider. Users are awarded Kollider Karma (and have it automatically credited to their account) for various on-platform activities. Users can earn more Karma by trading actively and completing various challenges on the exchange. That Karma then entitles them to fee discounts on the platform and, starting today, rewards sharing in the form of sats!

To clarify, Kollider Karma isn't a token– it can't be purchased or traded. It's simply an internal system to track user activity and reward our most active users. Payouts are at the discretion of the Kollider team.

To check your current Karma (and to complete challenges to unlock more Karma), login to Kollider Pro and navigate to your profile dashboard. There you'll see your Karma updated daily, and daily rewards will be automatically addd to your account balance.

You can check the daily payout at our Kollider Karma dashboard.

As always, let us know if you have any questions! Feel free to hop into our Telegram chat to discuss!