Kollider's New Year Trading Competition

To celebrate 2023 we've decided to kick off the year with a new trading competition on Kollider Exchange! And we're giving away 1,000,000 sats in total prizes!

Users will be eligible to win the prizes based on their trading activity on Kollider Exchange over the course of two weeks (January 17 - January 31). Each user’s individual volume will be summed up during that period, and users will have their score multiplied for each consecutive day that they trade. This multiple will compound daily, but it will reset if the users goes a day without trading. In other words, the users who trade the most volume the most consistently will be eligible to win.

You can trade on Kollider Lite or Kollider Pro to participate!


  • 🔥 1st Place: 250,000 sats
  • 💥 2nd Place: 200,000 sats
  • 🚀 3rd Place: 150,000 sats
  • ⭐️ 4th Place: 125,000 sats
  • 🎉 5th Place: 100,000 sats
  • ⚡ 6th Place: 75,000 sats
  • ⚡ 7th Place: 50,000 sats
  • ⚡ 8th Place: 25,000 sats
  • ⚡ 9th Place: 15,000 sats
  • ⚡ 10th Place: 10,000 sats

Competition Rules:

  • Contest starts on January 17, 2023 at 00:00:01 UTC.
  • Contest ends on January 31, 2023 at 00:00:00 UTC.
  • Ranking will be based on highest volume, with a multiple added to users' scores for each consecutive day of trading
  • We will disqualify anyone self-trading or self-trading with a group, including trading between different Kollider accounts.

Questions? Hop into our Telegram group and chat with us directly!