Nostr Notifications with Kollider Wallet

Nostr Notifications with Kollider Wallet

Here at Kollider we're quite excited about Nostr, and we've been experimenting with a number of different features that bridge Nostr and the Lightning Network. We believe that the crossover between decentralized social media/messaging and Bitcoin opens up an entire world of possibilities, and we're excited to continue building at that intersection.

If you're new to Nostr and want to learn more about what it is and how to get started, check out our last blog post.

Our first experiment, and one we'd like to share today, is Nostr notifications. We recently made an update to Kollider Wallet that allows you to generate or import Nostr keys and store those in the wallet. This allows you to seamlessly login to Nostr web clients, send payments and zaps, and interact with Nostr, all while keeping your keys safe in Kollider Wallet.

But we've also added another option– the ability to get real-time notifications about payments activity in your wallet.

How does this work?

Every user of Kollider Wallet gets a Lightning Network address by default. When you import your Nostr keys, you're associating that public key with your Lightning Address. We now have a way to notify you directly when activity happens on that Lightning Address. This happens via encrypted direct messages over Nostr, so it's an easy way to receive notifications without sharing any sensitive contact information. This even works if you only import your public key into the wallet!

There are a ton of possibilities for notifications via Nostr. It allows users to share nothing more than a public key– meaning they can be contacted without sharing any private information that could potentially be leaked or compromised. But it also allows for the creation of things like automated recurring Lightning payments, update notifications, and much more.

To enable Nostr notifications in Kollider Wallet, go to your settings, and then make sure you've imported/generated and saved your Nostr keys. Then, toggle the on switch for Nostr Notifications. Finally, make sure that you're connected to our relay (wss:// in the client that you're using.

Once you're connected, we'll send you a private encrypted message over Nostr each time you receive a deposit! It's as easy as that.

And now that zaps are live on Nostr, all you have to do is start posting great content and you'll see the sats roll in!

If you have any questions, hop into our Telegram group and let us know!